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Real options on how to maintain a GREAT career


                                    Allen Johnston – The Music Specialist          



      7 secrets to having a potentially great entertainment industry career.

  1. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY – Normally people don’t think that being honest rates high within the entertainment industry, however based on how small this industry is and the ability to communicate at light speed, telling someone a lie can backfire on you very quickly.

  1. RETURN PHONE CALLS – The ability to communicate over the phone has been taken for granted and current industry relations are being held over the impersonal Internet.  Phone calls may only take a few moments, but can create a lifetime worth of good will.



  1. SHAKE HANDS – The very best way to conduct business is to physically meet your client and “press the flesh”.  The entertainment industry was built upon artists and managers going from one venue to another making fans and personally visiting stores.

  1. GOSSIP IS POISON - It maybe true that you’re ex business partner stole your money, cheated with your secretary and demolished your accounts.  Telling other people about it will only bring your personal relationship down and hurt your future business.

  1. LET GO TO ADVANCE – Many times I have heard potentially good artists say that they would have signed a deal but the company wanted too much of their potential earnings.  They never sign with anyone, but always say that their material is better than anything else on the market.  Holding tight to nothing will only bring you back a zero return.  Your imagined importance will never get you a large paycheck only more imagined importance.

  1. NETWORKING WORKS – Get out, meet people, stay in touch with them and make friends.  Remember that friends do business together, strangers don’t.  

  1. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE – The recent growth in the amount of publicists is a direct reflection on the need of artist’s, labels, companies and others to have communication with their fan base.  You must stay in touch with the people that want to buy your products and services.  Use every means necessary and available to let your customer know that you care about them and value them.