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Prepare Your Station For Auto-posting

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These are the steps to get your account ready to post what your Internet gospel radio station is playing.

Create your free account, get it verified then login.

Your main profile page can be your personal page but we want you to create a "Now Playing" page.

There is a blue create button or blue button with a plus sign in the middle of it.

Click that and choose Create Page.

Your page name should be: Your Station (Short) Name Now Playing or Now Playing on Station Name

In the URL box put: stationnowplaying like for example wniaradionowplaying

After creating your page, add your station logo and a cool cover banner.

Then message Roderick Carter CEO that you have completed it.

Your username and password can be sent to Roderick in order to plug those into your API. That's how the script knows what page to post to.

This requires that we are already tweeting you or already monitoring your station.

Use this form to submit you station details for autoposting.

GRF Station Setup